Today in the city Enterprise 22.01.2019
Unpaid Coast Guard members are deploying for a months-long mission in the Pacific — at home, their bosses are warning about their houses

The US Coast Guard has already missed one paycheck during the now 31-day-long government shutdown. Amid the lapse in pay, the service is still operating, including a deployment to the Pacific for one...

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 Review: When Slightly Better Is A Sign Of Excellence

The Surface Pro 6 is a curious beast to review if you are only going to look at hardware. The 6 is a great device to bring you into the Surface Pro family, but it is not necessarily an automatic upgra...

Icons of Impact: Kevin Bacon Backs Social Enterprise Delivering Hope After CA Wildfires

Actor Kevin Bacon teams up with social enterprise Sackcloth & Ashes to bring hope to the people affected by the California wildfires.

The three types of Amazon buyers — and how other e-tailers can lure them away (AMZN)

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. That’s the strategy e-tailers will have to adopt if they want to compete with Amazon. To fight back against the e-commerce giant’s expanding dominance,...

Enterprise Data ISVs Generate Investment Heat

The total equity raised by three ISVs the enterprise data space within the last six months alone is over $1B. What's generating the heat?

Enterprise Leadership: Five Big Resolutions for 2019

Accelerating the development of executive managers into enterprise leaders may be the single most important factor in achieving your strategy and creating a more valuable and sustainable future.

Tencent Bolsters Enterprise Business With Siri-Like Assistant And WeChat Add-Ons

With the outlook for online games remaining cloudy, Tencent is seeking to offer more enterprise services.

ExtraHop BrandVoice: Rise Above The Noise In Enterprise Security

The tech industry is a hype machine. It’s not just around smart devices and virtual reality glasses and self-driving cars, it’s enterprise technology too.

A Blueprint For The Enterprise Of Tomorrow

Companies must create the digital and collaborative infrastructure that will allow them to leverage global talent now, before their competitors do.

Where Do You Put Intelligence In An Enterprise?

AI and ML are key for digital transformation initiatives, but that does not mean that every solution component in the IT stack must be more intelligent.

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